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Mural in Freetown "616 Garfield"

"Mi arte es para el Pueblo"


Background Story 

It all began with a trip to Barrio Getsemani in Cartagena Colombia, there ACLA's President Pablo Estrada saw the way street art and murals changed the neighborhood into a picture-perfect destination for tourists who purposely traveled to admire the walls and alleys. For the artists, muralism was a form of vocabulary and a way to express feelings inspiring questions and answers. For the locals, it became a sustainable source of income generating pride and ownership.


Upon returning the idea of a Mural in Lafayette grew stronger knowing that Lafayette had so much to offer when it came to history, culture, music and food but at the time only a hand full of street art destinations were available encouraging people to come, experience our city and to snap a perfect picture for the album or the internet.


The funding was secured via Covid-19 Grant awarded to ACLA, which allowed for Artists who experienced financial loss due to the pandemic to receive funding for work. 

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Boots on the ground

A project partnership is created with ACA (Acadiana Center for the Arts) and a search for Muralists begins. 


Meaning of words used

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