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About Us

Mission Statement

ACLA is an association at the service of the Acadiana community in general and its Latin American members in particular. Its objective is to promote among its members and families a mutual support and the fundamental values of this community: God, Country, family and friends. To promote and preserve our cultural heritage including our music, the arts, the dances and the food. With the purpose of promoting a better understanding among the people of Louisiana.

Luis H Mora

Pablo Estrada

Alberto Padrón

Vanessa Paredes


Claire B. Edwards

Elaine Ley

Elaine Mora

Manuel Peña

Maritza Tuasper

Alyssa Tarver

Colby Angele

Verónica Colmenárez

Theb Phetphachanh

Gabriela Rio

Gabriel Padron

John L. Mora

Collin McMinn



Sr. Vice President / Festival Manager

Sr. Director


Legal Advisor / Board

Board Secretary

Treasurer / Accounting / Board

Sr. Advisor

Sr. Advisor


Planning, Volunteers Director & Special Events

Spanish Clubs Coordinator

Board Member / Special Events

Board Member/Spanish Immersion Programs Liaison

Activity Support

Activity Support

Activity Support

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